Western Australia

Barton Deakin and the second WA Barnett Government

As one of Australia’s most dynamic economies, WA is an exciting place to do business. Barton Deakin works with local, national and international companies to make the most of their dealings with the WA Government.

Following its decisive victory in the 2013 election, the second Barnett Government has an ambitious program in place to further develop the Western Australian economy with an increased focus on health, transport infrastructure and a range of other areas that will create opportunities, but also risks, for the private sector.

While the resources industry is important to Western Australia and the national economy, the WA Government and economy is about much more than just this sector. Barton Deakin is here to help all businesses with an exposure to WA Government decisions make the most of their work with government and create value for both the public and private sectors.


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