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Natural Bedfellows

An exit from the EU could bring Britain and Australia closer than ever before.

An interesting thing has happened to our cousins in the north – the prospect of Britain leaving the EU has moved from the unthinkable to the thinkable. The British policy-making elite has long considered the topic as beyond polite conversation, but the complacency of yesteryear has been replaced by bafflement, fear and full-blown panic at the realisation that le grand projet may be crumbling underfoot…

…Up until now the policy-making elite in Britain haven’t given much thought to the actuality of a ‘Brexit’ because to prepare for that eventuality might be seen as encouraging it; but here is where it starts to get interesting for Australia.

David Alexander is a former senior adviser to treasurer Peter Costello, and is now managing director (Federal) at Barton Deakin Government Relations.

David Alexander, The Spectator, 15 November 2014. The full article can be accessed here.