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Lateline Interview: David Lipson, Political Correspondent

Federal Director Grahame Morris was interviewed on ABC’s Lateline.

… DAVID HETHERINGTON, EXEC. DIR., PER CAPITA: Labor’s scare campaign, if you want to call it that, will be about the extent to which things like the company tax cut divert scarce resources to the top of our income tree.

GRAHAME MORRIS: A lot of it from the Coalition will be: is it really time to trust Labor again? And do you really want a prime minister who has trade union thugs whispering in his ear? And does Labor’s stuff really add up?

DAVID LIPSON: Former chief-of-staff to John Howard, Grahame Morris has worked on 26 election campaigns for the Coalition.

GRAHAME MORRIS: It’s all about families in marginal seats.

DAVID LIPSON: And he believes this campaign will boil down to a ring of marginally-held Coalition seats around Sydney and a few more in Brisbane.

GRAHAME MORRIS: If the Coalition can hold that ring around Sydney, it makes it very, very difficult for Labor to win. If too many of them fall, then the last line of defence for the Coalition and the Government will be some seats in Brisbane.

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