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How to carelessly lose a Federation

Could we see the end of the Federation because of a faulty statistic? Might Australia be heading for a crack-up due to a single flawed figure?

The Premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett, says that Western Australia is facing its “Boston Tea Party moment”, and adds that his Government is preparing for a policy of “disengagement” from the rest of Australia. His Treasurer says that the country is in danger of fracturing and that he is examining non-compliance with federal institutions.

Other state leaders are deeply unhappy with Western Australian threats and say that any buckling to their demands would itself spell the end of the federation. It’s not surprising that Treasurer Joe Hockey says that he is worried for our constitutional arrangements.

David Alexander is a former senior adviser to Treasurer Peter Costello, now Managing Director (Federal) of Barton Deakin Government Relations.

David Alexander, The Drum (ABC), 16 April 2015. The full article can be accessed here