Barton Deakin Philosophy

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Barton Deakin is proudly aligned with the Liberal-National Coalition in Australia and with the National Party in New Zealand. Barton Deakin only works with Liberal and National Party Governments and Oppositions in Australia and the National-led Government in New Zealand – it is not a “bi-partisan” firm.

Barton Deakin will always work with the utmost discretion and confidentiality

Barton Deakin understands the importance of corporate confidentiality and treats all client matters with the highest levels of confidentiality and discretion.

Barton Deakin applies strict standards on conflict of interest and will inform its clients of any conflicts or potential conflicts of interest as soon as they arise.

You won’t find lists of Barton Deakin’s clients on this website. All Barton Deakin clients are treated with discretion.

Email addresses provided for Barton Deakin Briefs are only used for this purpose.

Barton Deakin adheres to a strict code of ethics

Barton Deakin:

  • Complies with all lobbyist registration requirements and other regulatory instruments in all jurisdictions
  • Acts in the broader public interest in all its dealings with clients and governments
  • Makes realistic claims to its clients and will always be honest and transparent in making undertakings around client outcomes
  • Will not act for a client where it believes the client’s activities may be illegal or unethical
  • Will not represent a client into government without satisfying itself that the client’s case is accurate, truthful and not intended to mislead
  • Treats all client information with the highest level of confidentiality